Deepdene SDC

A modern Safety Deposit Centre and Business Lounge – Deepdene SDC provides not only the secure deposit facility that more and more people are requiring the use of, but also a stylish and comfortable lounge to conduct your business, as well as private meeting rooms.

With all the business facilities on hand, Deepdene SDC aims to provide for your every need.

While traditional banks, locked into their historic premises have vaults with safety deposit boxes, health and safety, combined with lower than ever staffing levels, mean banks are for the most part, unable to offer a cost effective and rewarding experience for people looking to safely deposit their possessions.

With banks winding down what has become for them an unworkable service,  and with society placing value on more than simply tangible assets, safety deposit boxes have become the secure homes for childhood toys, photos, irreplaceable items with sentimental value, and even more modern items such as collectible Star Wars toys and first generation Ipods.

As insurance premiums rise, a safety deposit centre is often a pragmatic, financial choice.

Demand across mainland Europe is rising and the UK is following suit as fewer traditional banks offer the service.

What sets Deepdene SDC apart from other facilities is the service that it offers. More than just a safety deposit centre, Deepdene SDC is truly an experience, defined by the high level of service offered.

Whether you are catching up on emails, or looking to secure a deal, we provide an environment where you can conduct your business in style, comfort and with confidence.

Business Lounge

Our lounge will have everything worthy of a business class lounge that you would find at a major international airport, with so much more. First class food and drink will be available, whether a quick bite , complete meal, or group celebration, we can cater for you.

Printing off that presentation could not be easier with our state of the art multi-function printer which boasts a professional quality finish.

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