Business Lounge

With more and more offices becoming apartments, renting your own office can come at a unwanted premium, especially for businesses that are just starting up.

Whilst costs are not always an issue for every business, terms can be.

The Business Lounge helps businesses to get a foothold and grow without the burden of high office costs and without the need to sign a long lease, or be tied into long broadband and service contracts.

With flexible terms and rates, by the month, week, day or even by the hour, pay now or pay later, the Business Lounge works for your business.

Modeled on a modern office, with flexible working space, which not only provides for privacy but also enables collaborative and communal working, the business lounge also takes on the style of an airport business lounge, with all the comforts you would expect.

A first class food and drink offer, together with all the tech and connectivity that modern business requires, you will be left questioning the future of the traditional office setup and find yourself asking why it took you so long to join our community.